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Starting as a Digital Media Artist

I'm a Brighton & Hove based artist and craftsman with a passion for transforming ideas into reality. Fuelled by a Master's Degree in Digital Media Arts from the University of Brighton and over 25 years in the creative field, I bring a wealth of experience and a global perspective to every project.


My international experience working across 4 countries has been instrumental in shaping my approach. Collaborating with diverse cultures and backgrounds has broadened my horizons and fostered a deep understanding of different perspectives. This translates into a significant advantage for you – I can effectively connect with clients from all walks of life and tailor my creative solutions to their unique needs.

Becoming a craftsman too

Years of honing my digital media expertise have equipped me with a comprehensive skillset. Furthermore, collaborating with leading brands has provided me with invaluable insights into the industry's cutting edge. This unique combination translates into a powerful advantage for you – I can leverage my experience and fresh perspective to develop innovative digital media strategies that propel your business to the next level.


My passion for growth knows no bounds. Always seeking new challenges and knowledge, I embraced the world of crafts. The tactile satisfaction of creating something with my own hands is not only therapeutic but also perfectly complements my digital skillset.

Education History

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MA - Digital Media Arts

2008 - 2010


Diploma - Fine Arts

2007 - 2008

Work History

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Freelance Digital Designer

2022 - Present

MUNOO 2016

Founder & Creative Art Director

2016 - 2024

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Creative Art Director

2013 - 2016