IMG 6078

Leather Table with Gold Studs

This is one of my favourite pieces which I made in different colours and sizes.

Smaller ones for coffee table / side table use and the larger ones for dinning table.

IMG 6076

Working with wide range of materials

I see this as one of the perks of my job which pushes me towards learning and trying new substances everyday and it's highly satisfying to create something new everyday using new materials

IMG 5838

Cement & Epoxy Set

Without any doubt this is my favourite pieces that I have ever done. The technique alone to have the epoxy see through is one of the hardest skills to gain and you can mess up at any time, this set took 6 months to build.

IMG 5948

Robotic process automation

I try to keep myself up to date with the latest technology and equipments, my workshop is equipped with 3d Printer, laser engraver and cutter, cricut maker machines and many more...

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Robotic process automation

In this day and age spending your time on some repetitive task is a complete waste of time as you can have them done automatically with actual robots or virtually.


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Smart Home

being able to control every moving part of your home is nothing compare to the comfort that it brings to your life and the best of all is the money you are saving whilst using all this new gadgets.

Hands of biracial man at home using tablet with smart home interface on screen Communication technology and domestic life concept


Security, Light, Heat and many many more all controlled with your phone, tablet or even voice commands using Amazon Alexa.

Digital tablet screen with smart home controller on a wooden tab