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Dive in to an Online Shop, that I made from scratch, inspiration, identity design, product design, E-commerce, Stock Management, Photography, Video Production and much more...

Where it all began!

If you like to hear a really good Online Shop success story, this is how it all began, it was this drawing which drove the artist to have it printed on a t-shirt and after years of blood and sweat this clothing brand is now successfully operating in the UK and ships it's products to 73 different countries, anyone can start a business by spending a lot of cash the art is to built something with nothing, so carry on reading to find out how I helped making this dream comes true and you make your own mind.

From Painting to Print to Online Shop!

The photos you see here are some of the earliest releases of MUNOO T-shirts which I quite masterfully photoshopped the artworks on the blank t-shirts as there was no budget to print a sample of every single design in every different colour, but you still need some visually attractive pictures of your soon to be your products to put them online and start your very first online shop.

Online Shop


In this sort of occasions you do not really want to end up with a garage full of unsold t-shirts, so this is what we did, we created a super duper smart website for it's time to automatically process the order, send a request for a blank t-shirt of the required colour to the supplier and have it sent to the printer and have the artwork automatically sent to the print shop and the t-shirts was getting made only after receiving the order and the full payment. All by it self without the need of supervision or even need of pressing a single button.

Online Shop

Marketing Campaigns

So to save my client some money at the beginning, instead of spending tons of cash on models, photographers and the actual products themselves I created this bunch of lovely cartoon characters so equipped with some fresh materials we could start the marketing phase in social media and put the word out and let people know about this beautiful and unique designs.

Didn't take long to generate some sales and used part of the profit to create more interactive contents. It was time for short promo videos as they do generate a much better results when you boost them using social media for a target market advertising.

Brand Ambassadors

Obviously there are many different ways to promote your brand, product or services, however, I have learned over the years that to not put all my eggs in one basket, which in this case was just the budget that we have allocated to advertising I didn't spend it all on Social Media ads, I created a few high-end looking gift boxes and sent them to few celebrities, influencers and top ranked DJ's.


It was now time for dipping into my old contacts as I used to be a professional Fashion Photographer for years, I was a judge and official photographer for Miss England 2006-2007 which lead to making a lot of connections with Models, Fashion Designers and TV Presenters. So I created a system to take the photos of the models with the blank t-shirts and the website automatically place the artwork.

T shirt
E commerce

Product Packaging

Packaging is a very important phase that you should never post pone for too long, if you see even all the most famous luxury brands, when you buy something from them it's about the whole experience, of opening the box, carefully getting rid of the tissue paper and that is what makes it luxury, because of the feeling that it gives you obviously as well as the products being very well made with the most fantastic materials possible but it starts with opening the box.

Absolutely loving the enthusiasm and the support. So lets keep it going. Please join my munoo page here
Please help spreading the word about my clothing brand. The quality is outstanding and the designs are…well that’s not for me to judge and it’s the matter of taste anyway. But would be much appreciated if you could check out my page and links. also on etsy as
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