Online Appointment Booking System

I have built this Online Appointment Booking System from scratch along with E-commerce and Voucher system for Circle Holistic Health Clinic as there was no other ready made system out there that could be able to do what my system does, this is the case study of that project.

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Online Appointment Booking System

Brand Development

The Circle Holistic Health Clinic was the last addition to The Circle Brighton Group just before the Covid-19 came to the UK and changed everything, one of those changes was loosing The Circle Brighton specially after working really hard for a couple of years to revamp all of their businesses and the time we spent creating this amazing Holistic Health Clinic, Me being completely sick in the head instead of going for the easy routine jobs there is something in my brain which always push me towards new challenges to create something that I know nothing about, in this case it was the BeSpoke state of the art Online Appointment Booking System which I made for The Circle HHC.

E-commerce, Voucher System

The Booking System was the primary feature of the website which I will go into it in depth but before I do that I would like to quickly tell you about the other features and have them out of the way, the website was also an E-commerce which not only the client was selling very hard to come holistic herbs prescribed by the resident Dr.Mathew Shijoe I also created a Voucher system which people could spend on receiving treatments or to buy tickets to courses.

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Online Appointment Booking System

There are plenty booking systems out there which you can very cheaply add to your website but when actually it came to it for me I realised that all the booking systems out there are either for booking someones services which you can see the prices and availabilities and make your bookings for example 2 hours of my time for graphic design, then I dig deeper and found the other type of system which they use in the Hotels or Car Hires , in those situations you have a specific number of items for example hotel rooms or specific number of cars which again people could easily check availabilities online and make the bookings, however, our problem was much more complex, imagine a health clinic which has 10 therapist and only 5 rooms, there wasn't any system out there at least for our budget, yeah ofcourse I didn't enquire for a software which costs £20k which may had this feature, so I challenged myself into building one which successfully did so, with my booking app the system could allocate those shared resources such as the 5 rooms which the 10 therapist share to each person at the requested date and time. Soon I realised it could be adopted to many other industries such as nail salons, hair salons, barber shops, massage centres, spa and more...So stop wasting your money on a secretary and purchase my Online Appointment Booking System and save your self and your business a butt load of money and increase productivity and organisations,

Online Appointment Booking System

Tutorial Videos

As your company keeps growing and you bringing new people in you can't keep asking your other employees to teach them how to use the system, that's why when you login as a customer you see a different menu about your account and your previous orders etc, however, when you login as an employee in your menu there is a Tutorial section which are short videos explaining how to use the system, so whether you haven't done a specific task for a while and you forgot how to do it or you have a new employee you will always have access to this videos which starts from very beginning (Signing in to the system) to all different features of your system. Below you can see an example:

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