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Online Appointment Booking System

Circle Holistic Health Clinic needed a booking system that could seamlessly integrate with their existing operations, including e-commerce and voucher functionality. Unable to find a pre-built solution that met their specific requirements, I developed a custom online appointment booking system from the ground up. This case study delves into the challenges addressed and the unique solution crafted for Circle Holistic Health Clinic.

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Online Appointment Booking System

A Custom Booking System for Circle Holistic Health Clinic

Brand Development

Circle Holistic Health Clinic joined The Circle Brighton Group just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK. While the pandemic brought unforeseen challenges, including the closure of The Circle Brighton, it also presented a unique opportunity.

Driven by a passion for tackling new problems, I opted to create a bespoke online appointment booking system for Circle Holistic Health Clinic. Off-the-shelf solutions didn't meet the clinic's specific needs, so I built a system from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with their existing operations.

This case study dives deeper into the development process and the innovative booking solution that emerged.

Beyond Booking: A Multi-faceted Website for Circle Holistic Health Clinic

E-commerce, Voucher System

The core of the website revolved around a custom-built online appointment booking system that we'll explore in detail later. However, the website offered additional functionalities to enhance the user experience:

  • E-commerce platform: This allowed clients to purchase Dr. Mathew Shijoe's unique line of holistic herbs directly from the website. These were highly sought-after products, making online purchasing a valuable convenience.
  • Integrated voucher system: The website featured a voucher system that offered clients flexibility. Vouchers could be used for treatments, course registrations, or a combination of both, providing a perfect gifting option or a way to manage treatment packages.

By incorporating e-commerce and vouchers, the website went beyond simple booking, creating a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for Circle Holistic Health Clinic's clientele.

E commerce

The Booking Challenge Solved: A System Built for Flexibility

Online Appointment Booking System

The world of online booking systems is vast, offering solutions for many needs. However, for complex scheduling scenarios, existing options often fall short.

Imagine a health clinic with multiple therapists sharing a limited number of rooms. Standard booking systems struggle with this level of resource allocation.

That's where my custom booking system steps in. It goes beyond simple appointments, allowing businesses like yours to:

  • Manage shared resources: Whether it's rooms in a clinic, booths in a salon, or equipment in a studio, the system efficiently allocates resources between multiple staff members.
  • Flexible scheduling: Clients can easily find appointments that fit their needs and the availability of the specific therapist or resource they require.

This system eliminates the need for a dedicated secretary, streamlining scheduling and saving you time and money. Its applications extend beyond health clinics, offering a perfect solution for:

  • Nail salons
  • Hair salons
  • Barber shops
  • Massage centers
  • Spas

Invest in Efficiency: Boost Productivity and Reduce Costs

My online booking system empowers your business with an efficient and user-friendly scheduling solution, allowing you to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Let's discuss how this system can benefit your business!

Online Appointment Booking System

1Seamless Onboarding: Empowering Your Team

Tutorial Videos

As your business scales, efficient employee training becomes crucial. Our system simplifies this process with a dedicated employee onboarding suite.

Upon logging in, your employees are greeted with a Tutorial section featuring short, informative videos. These tutorials cover:

  • System Basics: From signing in to navigating the interface, these videos ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Task-Specific Guides: Need a refresher on a particular function? The system provides dedicated tutorials for specific features, allowing employees to quickly jog their memory.

This approach eliminates the need for constant peer-to-peer training, saving everyone time and frustration. New hires can get up to speed independently, while existing employees have a valuable resource for refreshing their knowledge.

Invest in Your Team's Success: Improve Efficiency and Reduce Training Costs

By prioritizing a user-friendly onboarding experience, you empower your team with the skills they need to thrive. This translates to increased efficiency, reduced training costs, and a more confident workforce.

Does your business rely on managing appointments? Imagine a system that:

  • Saves you time: Eliminate the hassle of phone calls and manual scheduling.
  • Empowers your clients: Give them 24/7 access to booking appointments that fit their busy schedules.
  • Improves efficiency: Ensure optimal resource allocation and maximize your team's productivity.

My online appointment booking system goes beyond basic scheduling, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses like yours.

Ready to take control of your appointment management?