Music Industry

Event Promoters • Musicians • DJ's • Club/Venue Owners

Flyer and Poster Design

I will design a bespoke flyer and poster that will guarantee to captivate your target audience and present the event in the exact way that you want it to. They will receive a taste of what's to come just by looking at the artwork.

All the materials you will ever need to promote your event such as Flyers Posters Videos Social Media Banners and much more
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Creative Campaigning & Product Placement

Creative campaigns proven to be getting way better results than any other type of marketing, time after time. And that is exactly what you will receive working with me, making the right promotional material for your type of event is the first step then we need to have them displayed in the right places which I have all the good connections.

Promo Videos

After carefully studying and monitoring the results of many many campaigns I am guaranteeing a way better results simply by converting your flyer into a video format and try to share that in the social media rather than the static image.


Ticket Design & Print

If you are still an old school venue and are after a printed tickets for your events, I'm deffo your man, I can provide a very competitive prices and deliver globally. Unless you are open to a suggestion to move you to the 21st Century and take advantage of my state of the art digital ticketing system.

Online Ticketing System

Whether you are a venue owner or an event organiser, this will be in your interest to have your own ticketing system rather than using third party companies and hand them part of your hard earned money in every single event. Using my system not only you can display and sell upcoming events tickets it will also make your life much easier to check the guests in as you will need to simply scan a QR code using any mobile phone device as my app comes in both iOS and Android which not only speed up the process but also eliminate any cheating or using a ticket twice and if that's not enough you have a live access to monitor that exactly how many people are at your venue at any given time.


Upcoming Events

Well if you are not that bothered to have your own ticketing system and finding it beneficial to use the third party websites to take advantage of their traffic and only want to display your upcoming events in a very eye catching way on your website, you can simply go for my simpler system which I can add it to your already made website unless you are so impressed with my design skills that you want me to redesign your website for you.

My Clients

Here are just a few of the venues, events and promoters that I have worked with: